Nestled in the center of the Colorado Rockies at an elevation of over 5000 feet, sits the vibrant and creative city of Boulder, Colorado. Often dubbed the city “between the mountains and reality,” Boulder offers a unique living experience for the hardier outdoor types interested as much in clean, healthy living as they are in progressive values and good governance. As a small metropolitan area only about 25 miles outside of the capital Denver, this city offers a wider variety of good schools, amenities, real estate and activities for a liberal-minded prospective resident, with major airports and city life just around the corner.

Boulder, Colorado has roughly just over 322,000 residents. Boulder caters to those seeking a more creative and active lifestyle in the mountains and in enterprise. There are approximately 123,000 households in Boulder as well, with roughly 94 percent of the population graduating from high school and nearly 65 percent with undergraduate degrees as well.

The city of Boulder has 31 total public schools in the district, ranging from small elementary schools like Bear Creek Elementary School to larger high schools like New Vista High School.

Boulder, Colorado is a desirable district in the state, and the median home listing price is an estimated $872,000. Homes move relatively fast in Boulder, with the average time on the market in 2017 for a home being between 40 and 58 days. The market seems stable in the region, with the average price per square foot of real estate seeing a steady rise over the last three years.

Boulder has a semi-arid climate and enjoys nearly year-round sunshine. There are dynamic temperature swings with winters bringing sometimes bitterly cold days with heavy snowfalls. However, the summers are generally quite sunny and warm, with temperatures sometimes climbing over 90 degrees. Snowfall averages around 88 inches per year, but the dramatic snowfalls usually miss Boulder, as the mountains help to shield the city a bit more than other parts of Colorado. The daily average temperature in Boulder is one of the warmest in the state, and generally never falls below freezing, or 32 degrees.

One of the largest attractions in Boulder is its commercial Pearl Street, where residents can enjoy a wide variety of shopping activities as well as top-notch restaurants. There is a historic part of town as well which is a good tour, and residents and visitors are sure to find stores and eateries that suit their needs and desires. In addition, natural wonder is a large part of Boulder’s draw, including the dramatic Flatiron mountains. These slanting, massive peaks can be enjoyed from a comfortable distance in the Open Space Mountain Parks district, or more up close and personal on the many trails leading up and around the peaks. Finally, the Boulder Theatre, a local institution since 1906, offers a wide variety of films and concerts for residents, including headliners like Sheryl Crow and Shawn Colvin. Check the local theatre for listings and a schedule of events, as the venue runs year-round and has discounts on some events throughout the year.

For prospective residents interested in a vibrant but smaller city with a healthy culture, great school system, and plenty of natural wonders, Boulder is a wonderful option. From a dynamic arts scene, to abundant skiing opportunities, to miles and miles of hiking and trekking trails, to local eateries and commercial shops, Boulder has nearly unlimited potential for growth and comfort.

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